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Somali Community Development
Summer Activities Report

Written by Mohamoud Hassan, Director of Somali Community Development

Venue, date and time of the activities

The Summer activities for Somali youth ran from Jubilee Waterside Centre in Kings Cross, 105 Camley Street, Elm Village London NW1 0PF on Thursdays 10, 17, 24 and 31 August 2006. On Thursday 10th the activities for boys started at 10am while activities for girls started at 2pm. The rest of the days (Thursdays 17, 24 and 31) activities for boys started at 12noon while activities for the girls always started at 2pm. Initially we planned for the boys’ activities to start at 10am but some parents verbally complained about the starting time for boys’ activities. We consulted with the centre, the parents, our staff and volunteers and then moved activities from 10am to 12noon.

Funding received and how it has been used

We received £3,856 from Camden Youth and Connexions to provide summer activities for the Somali youth in Camden. The money was used to hire the centre with 3 instructors available for 4 hours each week and also to pay the salary of our staff. The fund was used fully to achieve the objectives of the project.

Project success

The project was a success, because it gave opportunity to the children to enjoy during the summer holiday. Participating children and youth saw the challenge as both entertaining and enjoyment. Some parents also took part but as spectators and helpers while they watch their children perform different challenges.

Project participation

There are 64 children and youth that registered with the service. All of them took part except 6 of them for various reasons. Both boys and girls participated all activities that include Kayaking & Canoeing, Abseiling and Rock Climbing.

Project workers and volunteers

There were up to 5 workers and 3 volunteers that made the project success. In addition the centre offered 3 fully qualified instructors for the project.

Pupils’ view

“It was enjoyable and fun for all ages. I really liked the canoeing because I love water sports” said a girl.

“I think we should have been allowed to stay longer” said another one.

“Everything (here) is good” said a boy

The children, parents, careers, staff and the trust management would like to than Camden Council for supporting and funding this summer fun activities.

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